Addressing barriers to financing zero emission coaches

November 24 2021

In this week’s blog post Lauren Pamma, Programme Director at Green Finance Institute and a speaker at our decarbonising coach event on 1 December, writes about the barriers operators face to transitioning to zero emission vehicles and how they could be tackled.

An opportunity to redesign the transport system

November 17 2021

Steven Meersman, one of the Founders of Zenobe, is speaking at CPT’s decarbonising coaches event on Wednesday 1 December, ‘Zero Emission Coaches: Turning Theory into Reality’. Here Steven writes for us about how we can redesign and decarbonise the transport system.

Coach travel is a crucial part of the journey to net zero

November 03 2021

In this week’s blog post our Coaching Manager Phil Smith writes about the huge benefits we will see if we have more people travelling by coach, and what the industry needs in order to play its full role.

Countdown to COP26: Newport Transport’s Zero Emission Vision

October 28 2021

In the latest Countdown to COP26 blog post Scott Pearson, Managing Director at Newport Transport, writes about Newport Transport’s electric journey and their zero emission vision.

Countdown to COP26: A climate emergency is upon us

October 19 2021

For day two of our Countdown to COP26, Transdev CEO Alex Hornby writes about how bus can reach its potential and help to address the climate emergency.

‘It is still a challenging time for operators’

October 14 2021

In his latest column for routeone, CPT's Chief Executive Graham Vidler outlined CPT's continuing efforts to address driver shortages. 

Why we must speed up the zero emission bus rollout

October 06 2021

This week’s blog post is by our Head of Policy Alison Edwards. Alison writes about why government must speed up the rollout of 4,000 zero emission buses to meet key climate change targets.

Coach friendly policies – a coach driver’s perspective

September 29 2021

This week’s blog post is written by coach driver Chris Bibby, who shares how his experiences of places with coach friendly policies can enrich the coach travel experience.

How we can end reliance on the car

September 22 2021

For Car Free Day our Policy Manager Rebecca Kite writes about the steps we can take to encourage people to travel by bus and coach rather than going by car.