The role of bus and coach in the journey to net zero

July 22 2021

In our second Net Zero Week blog CPT’s Policy Manager Rebecca Kite writes about the role of bus and coach in the journey to net zero emissions.

Driver recruitment: continuing to meet staffing needs

July 20 2021

Driver recruitment has always been a challenge for operators. Our Operations Director Keith McNally outlines how CPT are working to tackle the main challenges of driver recruitment.

All bus companies must race to net zero

July 19 2021

For Net Zero Week 2021 Martin Dean, Go-Ahead Managing Director, writes about the need for collaboration between bus companies and government to reach net zero.

Why “Coach Friendly” is so important to us

July 15 2021

This week’s blog post is from Phil Smith, CPT’s Coaching Manager. Phil writes about the benefits of being coach-friendly, and how operators can help to promote the Coach Friendly scheme.

Return to the Buses of a Wheelchair User

July 08 2021

Regular bus user Will has written for CPT about his experiences returning to bus travel as lockdown restrictions ease.

Demand Responsive Transport: Connecting Communities is Critical

June 30 2021

This week’s blog post is from John Clarfelt, who writes about Ticketer’s partnership with Via and the potential for Demand Responsive Transport to create more connected public transport networks.

Encouraging people into the industry – insight from Dews Coaches’ recruitment drive

June 24 2021

This week’s blog post is from Katie Dew, Commercial Manager at Dews Coaches. Katie writes about their latest recruitment drive, where potential candidates had the opportunity to drive one of their vehicles and offers insight for other operators.

National Express: Getting out of the car and onto bus and coach

June 17 2021

Ali Bell, National Express’s Head of External Communications, looks at the benefits of bus and coach travel and how more people getting on board can improve air quality.

Clean Air Zones on Clean Air Day: Ensuring policies are fair for coach to clean up the air we breathe

June 17 2021

Alison Edwards, CPT’s Head of Policy, writes about how Clean Air Zones can succeed with policies that are fair to coaches.