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CPT responds to the Labour Party manifesto

June 13 2024

We welcome Labour’s manifesto commitment to a long-term transport strategy and say this commitment must be matched with a five-year long-term spending programme, as happens for rail.

CPT responds to Conservative Party Manifesto Content

June 11 2024

CPT welcomes commitment to continue fully funded support for bus fares, if they win the next Election, but repeats call for support to grow services across the entire country.

CPT urges new government to drive swift progress on vocational driver licensing reforms

June 10 2024

CPT has now submitted its response to the DfT’s consultation on vocational driver licensing. 

CPT responds to Liberal Democrat Manifesto

June 10 2024

CPT welcomes Liberal Democrats' recognition for the importance of bus services to rural communities and of supporting bus fares for young people. 

CPT is hiring!

May 20 2024

CPT is seeking a new Press & Social Media Officer/Manager to support and enhance the performance of its Communications Team.

CPT urges new mayors to prioritise bus and coach.

May 10 2024

CPT has written to the newly-elected mayors of nine combined authorities across the North and the Midlands to highlight the contribution bus and coach can make to the realisation of their policy ambitions.

CPT is hiring!

May 08 2024

Interested in joining the team? 

CPT is seeking a Membership & Events Administrator to support and enhance the performance of the Membership Team.

CPT welcomes government proposals to speed up training for bus and coach drivers and to lower the minimum age for them to drive longer journeys.

April 11 2024

CPT welcomes consultation on two key proposals it has long championed that will make training as a bus and coach driver more attractive to younger drivers 

CPT responds to Labour’s party’s plans for a better bus network across England

April 10 2024

CPT says bus operators are committed to working with local leaders whatever the regulatory model any future government may bring forward.