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Bus and coach operators join CPT to receive specialist services designed specifically for the bus and coach industries.

Benefits of membership include unlimited access to operational and technical assistance, compliance support, media advice, political engagement and lobbying for support, and other specialist commercial services. 

Our 150 supplier members are active within CPT's national and regional committees, learning first-hand of the issues impacting on the bus and coach industries and being able to engage directly with operators.  

In a rapidly changing and challenging operating environment, membership of a trade body has never been so important.

For all other enquiries, including our monthly Direct Debit subscription scheme, contact the Membership Team on 020 7240 3131, or by email

For further information on the benefits of membership, click on the Services tab. To register your interest in becoming a CPT member, complete and return the application form below.


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Membership of CPT starts from as little as £300 per year. Use the subscription form below to calculate your annual membership fee.