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Buses and Economic Growth: Main Report

June 03 2012

Greener Journeys commissioned an independent report, Buses and Economic Growth, in December 2011 to fill in the missing piece of the jigsaw in existing research on the role of buses in contributing to economic growth, and quantifying the benefits bus services bring.

A step change for Britain’s buses: Maximising the economic, social and environmental potential

September 12 2011

Our report, launched at the House of Commons in 2011, sets out the benefits of bus services in facilitating economic growth, accessibility and social inclusion, and reducing congestion and CO2 emissions.

The One Billion Challenge

June 19 2011

In 2010, Greener Journeys launched the One Billion Challenge with the aspiration of taking one billion car journeys off the road.

The Road to a More Carbon Efficient Britain

September 11 2009

View the full report here

Bus 2020: A Manifesto for the next Parliament

January 01 0001

Over the life of the next Parliament, Britain has a valuable opportunity to harness the potential of the bus.

Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce

January 01 0001

A joint initiative between industry and government to decarbonise the bus fleet in Scotland.


January 01 0001

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