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The most thanked profession in the UK is being a bus and coach driver!

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Every day, over four million people use the bus and coach. Buses and coaches play a vital role in keeping local communities connected with friends, family, education, tourism, work and leisure opportunities as well as essential services.

And now YOU can be play a key role in the community and become a bus or coach driver, and have the most thanked profession in the UK.

If you are interested in becoming a bus and coach driver, scroll to the bottom of the page, search our map of depots near you and contact CPT members for more information about how you can get involved. 

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Bus and coach drivers are the UK’s most thanked workers

Being a bus and coach driver is the most thanked profession in the UK according to new research from CPT. 

87% of bus and coach drivers say being thanked at work has a positive impact on their wellbeing, and four fifths of bus travellers thank the driver. 

Read the full media release here.

Campaign toolkit

If you are a CPT member organisation, we'd love you to get involved with the campaign and spread the rewarding role of being a bus or coach driver.

In doing so, you'll be helping to bring through the next generation of drivers into the sector, as well as raising awareness of the amazing work that bus and coach drivers do every day. 

Download your toolkit today, which includes infographics, social media posts and social media copy for you to post to your channels. Video content can be downloaded from our video library.

Share our campaign graphics

To accompany the campaign, CPT has produced a range of graphics which can be shared on your social media channels to help raise awareness.

Right click on the images below and click save as.

The UK's most thanked workers

Bus and coach drivers reveal the best things about their jobs The UK's most thanked workers 

The UK's most thanked workers

Thank You Driver video ads

Download these adverts and post to your social media channels, by visiting our video library. 

Apply to be a bus or coach driver

Search and apply for the latest vacancies in your area. Using the map below, search CPT members by location or postcode, click on the blue pin to reveal company name and details, then hit the 'enquire' button adding a few details about yourself. The company will then be in touch with you shortly about next steps. 

If you have a WY postcode please visit the Route to Success website from Realise which will take you to West Yorkshire's specific bus and coach driver recruitment campaign. Route to Success is a free training programme that takes people with no bus driving experience and equips them with the skills to become professional drivers.    

Find out more about the vacancies in your area

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