Go North East launched its One Team GNE initiative in autumn of 2020. Building on ad-hoc work and initiatives that had taken place before this, we made the decision to bring work on diversity, inclusivity and community engagement into a coherent, structured initiative.

Our One Team GNE aimed to pull together a group of colleagues from across the company to discuss and take action on matters linked to diversity, inclusivity and colleague engagement. Not only did we want to do more to say to all colleagues that we are a modern, diverse workplace, we also wanted to dovetail this with work on community engagement, recognising that we serve many diverse communities too and reflecting that we haven’t always done as well as we can do to engage with these communities.

From the outset, senior management were keen that this initiative be colleague-led, rather than taking a top-down approach. This was based on the belief that colleagues working in depots and with customers often know how best to approach and engage their fellow colleagues (and customers too).

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Here’s some of the great content that supported the initiative: