John Pockett: Wales update

October 22 2020

This week’s blog post is an update from CPT Cyrmu Director John Pockett. John recaps the impact of Covid-19 on buses and coaches in Wales, and what might be next for the industries.

Vice-Chair writes: We are united in the passion for our industry

October 15 2020

Following on from yesterday’s blog from the Chair of Coach Commission, our new Vice-Chair Kathryn Pulham writes about staying united as an industry, promoting the unique contributions of coach to the UK, and offers some advice to CPT members.

Chair of Coach Commission writes: We must stay passionate about our industry

October 14 2020

Duncan Aspinall, Chair of Coach Commission and Director of Holmeswood Coaches, writes about his role as Chair, the vital role of the coach industry in society, and the importance of remaining passionate.

Britannia Bus: Now is the time for a bus renaissance

October 13 2020

Derek Taylor, Director of Britannia Bus, writes a guest blog post for CPT about the impact of Covid-19 on Britannia Bus services and operations, working collaboratively with passengers, and challenges facing the bus industry going forwards.

A breath of fresh air for Southampton

October 08 2020

Andrew Wickham, Managing Director of Go South Coast, writes our third clean air themed blog for Clean Air Day, all about Bluestar’s fleet of air filtering buses that are cleaning Southampton’s air.

Driving towards cleaner air

October 08 2020

Our fourth clean air themed blog is by Natalie Littlehales, senior campaigns manager for National Express West Midlands and Coventry. Natalie writes about National Express’ commitments to improving air quality, and how now is the chance to make things better.

The partnership panacea; how effective relationships are the key to unlocking cleaner air

October 08 2020

Marc Reddy, Managing Director of First Hampshire, Dorset and Berkshire, writes our fifth clean air themed blog about the importance of partnership working to improve air quality, and that we must remember bus is part of the solution.

CPT’s Alison Edwards: Buses & coaches for cleaner air

October 05 2020

Ahead of Clean Air Day on Thursday 8 October, we will be bringing you a series of guest blog posts highlighting the role buses & coaches can play to help clean up the air we breathe. First up is CPT’s Head of Policy Alison Edwards, who writes about the improvement seen in air quality during lockdown, and the measures we need in place to keep buses and coaches out of traffic.

Redwing Coaches: Euro 6 coaches, the future of clean travel

October 05 2020

The second in our series of clean air themed blogs is written by Nigel Taylor, Managing Director of Redwing Coaches. Nigel writes about Redwing Coaches’ investment in Euro 6 vehicles, and the opportunity Clean Air Day presents to educate people about how clean and green these coaches are.