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CPT & Rail Delivery Group: Letter to the editor

August 20 2020

To the editor

The decision by Carlyle to tell its employees to avoid public transport (Financial Times: Carlyle staff told to avoid public transport on London office return, 18 August) is not based on facts and fails to reflect the realities of travelling on public transport.

CPT reacts: government extends coronavirus support for buses

August 08 2020

Reacting to the announcement that bus funding has been extended, CPT’s Chief Executive Graham Vidler said:

“Buses are essential in getting millions of people to work, education, retail and leisure venues and to see family and friends. Operators have put in place extensive safer travel arrangements and it’s great to see passengers responding by returning in increasing numbers. It remains important for passengers to follow guidance on safer travel, particularly the requirement to wear face coverings.

CPT reacts: funding package for school transport

August 08 2020

Reacting to the announcement that there will be a multi-million-pound funding package for school transport, CPT’s Chief Executive Graham Vidler said:

“Buses and coaches get more than a million children to school each day. Ensuring that a safe home to school network is fully running will be a crucial component of a successful return to school in September, and we are pleased the government has recognised this with additional funding.

Post Covid-19 – putting bus first in the transport network

July 29 2020

Today CPT is setting out the benefits of putting the bus first in transport networks post Covid-19 in a new publication “putting bus first in the transport network.”

Maximising the benefits of local bus services

July 28 2020

In February 2020 Department for Transport (DfT) announced £5 billion of new funding for bus services and cycling. £2 billion has been allocated to active travel and £3 billion to bus travel.  Of the £3 billion of new funding for buses, DfT has suggested an initial allocation of funding £1 billion to support investment in 4,000 zero emissions vehicles.

CPT reaction to end of avoid public transport message

July 17 2020

Following the Prime Minister's announcement that the avoid public transport message has been dropped CPT Chief Executive Graham Vidler said:

“Operators have worked hard to ensure that buses are safe for both passengers and drivers. Moving away from the damaging avoid public transport message will be an important step in giving people the confidence to travel and we look forward to welcoming more passengers back onto buses.

CPT reacts to government announcement that tyres aged 10 years and over will be banned from buses, coaches and lorries

July 16 2020

The reaction is in response to the Government’s announcement that tyres aged 10 years and older will be banned from coach, bus, and lorries in new measures to improve road safety.

Bus and coach industries collaborate to provide work opportunities for employees

July 14 2020

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) has launched a database to help unlock temporary and permanent work opportunities for employees across the bus and coach industry.

Green bus revolution: CPT launches vision to deliver 4000 zero emission buses

July 08 2020

Bus operators have set out how to deliver the Government’s pledge of 4000 new zero emission buses, supporting a green economic recovery and ensuring thousands of skilled jobs are retained in the UK.