Championing our Coach Industry for over 50 years

CPT is delighted to support the second year of the #NationalCoachWeek initiative and is proud to come together with many other industry bodies which support this dynamic sector, to highlight and promote the contribution it makes to communities across the UK.  For over 50 years, CPT has worked with and for the industry to remove barriers, resolve issues and enable opportunities for our members. During #NationalCoachWeek, we will be highlighting the amazing work of our members, as well as bringing to the fore our key achievements from the past 12 months. 

Our valued coach members are a vital component of the UK’s transport system and wider economy. They provide home-to-school, leisure, long-distance, corporate and tourism transport, as well as stepping in for other transport modes, come rain or shine, 365 days a year. During #NationalCoachWeek we will reiterate our commitment to:

  • Work relentlessly to champion the social, economic and environmental contribution of the coaching community, and in particular our 450-strong family of coach operator members and their 8,000+ vehicles
  • Speaking on their behalf every day to UK ministers, politicians, local politicians, local transport authorities and other key decision makers
  • Work behind the scenes, to campaign for better working conditions for the sector
  • Represent their interests with regulatory bodies and ensure their voice is heard
  • Deliver day to day, on the ground support across the UK regions and nations
  • Lead the way in providing unrivalled specialist and experienced operational and policy advice, helping members run their businesses smoothly and compliantly

National Coach WeekNational Coach Week

Bringing industry front and centre

Throughout the year, we regularly engage with Parliamentarians to highlight the importance of the sector.

Our Annual Conference engaged both Buses Minister Richard Holden and Shadow Minister Simon Lightwood

This month CPT’s Chief Executive Graham Vidler met with the Special Adviser at No10 to raise awareness of the UK’s coach sector.  

In March, we hosted the launch of our Coach Route to Destination Zero report, which was a great opportunity to link coach operators with their local Parliamentarians. 

We also wrote the industry’s first comprehensive coach strategy, underlining the vital role of coach in UK society and how, with Government support, the industry can thrive and play its full part in the economic and green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Being a coach driver is among the most thanked professions in the UK. Our #ThankYouDriver campaign celebrated the most important members of our teams while delivering practical efforts to impact on the driver shortage.

We have also developed a meaningful, credible PSVAR policy through Coach Commission and are actively engaged with Government, leveraging our position as the most representative trade association.

CPT’s work is determined by our Coach Commission, consisting of our members, who work collaboratively to identify and set the direction of our policy and operational work.

Get Involved

Share your good news stories and your coach pictures and videos on social media, by tagging CPT and use the hashtag #NationalCoachWeek

  • Contact your local MP and ask them to support coaches in Parliament. Find your local MP
  • We will be writing to all members with more info on how to approach your local key decision makers
  • Become a video case study for social media. Have a short video interview with the CPT media team over Zoom/Teams and we will showcase your work on social media in the coming weeks. Contact the CPT media team to express an interest. 

Be part of the CPT community

We have a wide range of services exclusive to our members, delivered directly by our dedicated in-house team, industry suppliers and commercial partners.

These include: 

  • Operational & Technical Assistance: Our dedicated Operations Team offers members practical support to assist them in running their businesses.
  • Policy & Media: Our External Relations team works to ensure members' voices are heard and their interests safeguarded at local and national levels across the UK.
  • Events & Workshops: Members are kept up to date through regular national and regional meetings, workshops and conferences shown in the Events Schedule.

and much more! Visit here to find out more.

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