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Developing a Transport Knowledge Hub – Consultation

October 03 2016

Greener Journeys is working with the LEP Network and Local Partnerships to establish a Transport Knowledge Hub to support local decision-makers develop and deliver transport policy and investment initiatives to support economic growth.

The Impact of Congestion on Bus Passengers – New extended version

September 14 2016

Traffic congestion is a disease which if left unchecked will destroy the bus sector.

The Impact of Congestion on Bus Passengers

June 02 2016

“In this study David rightly highlights the crisis which has developed in bus service reliability across the UK, and suggests a new and urgent need to make our buses quicker and more reliable to make our cities work better.

The Journey of the Green Bus

February 11 2016

A revolution in the introduction of greener, cleaner buses in the UK is helping deliver on climate and air quality objectives.

Impact of bus priorities and busways on energy efficiency and emissions

September 10 2015

The energy efficiency of buses on scheduled local services can be analysed in two respects:

An economic evaluation of local bus infrastructure schemes

September 10 2015

There is a growing interest in the importance of towns and cities to our economic and social welfare, in what makes them successful and how we can shape their development.

A Roadmap to Growth

September 10 2015

This is an exciting time. There is a growing interest in the importance of towns and cities to our prosperity. Transport networks and local bus services are vital to this new urban agenda.

Briefing: A fair deal for bus users – Seizing the opportunities for Britain

July 30 2015

Every day, buses carry millions of people to work, to shops and to education and training. Buses help older people to be part of their communities, as volunteers or carers.

Briefing to Incoming Ministers

July 24 2015

Greener Journeys applauds the UK’s return to economic growth. In particular, we welcome the Government’s commitment to delivering what the Chancellor of the Exchequer has called a “truly national recovery”.