September 10 2015

There is a growing interest in the importance of towns and cities to our economic and social welfare, in what makes them successful and how we can shape their development. Transport networks and local bus services are a particularly important part of this agenda. The ease at which we can get around influences where we live and work, where we are educated, how easily we can attend to our healthcare needs, as well as the leisure and retail activities that we participate in.

Building on earlier Greener Journeys’ work on ‘Buses, Devolution and the Growth Agenda’1, this project considers how we can improve decision-making in regard to investing in local bus infrastructure.

The work considers the costs and benefits of investing in local bus services and the merits of establishing a systematic programme of monitoring and evaluation of the impact of local bus infrastructure schemes, the benefits they can deliver and the lessons that can be learnt from their planning, design, delivery and operation.

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