Alternatives to the national fares cap

This report presents the results of research that examined a range of options available to the next Government when the current £2 Single Fare Cap ends in December 2024:  

  • Single fare cap 
  • Day fare cap 
  • Proportionate fare reduction (20%) 
  • Additional Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) funding 
  • Employment tax benefit 
  • National free travel for certain groups 
  • Local concessionary travel for certain groups 
  • Mobility credits. 

This analysis highlights a number of key trade-offs that will have to be considered by policy makers, including whether there should be one national policy, or regional variations; and whether the focus of any measures should be on short term impacts or on driving a longer term pattern of modal shift away from private cars and towards bus usage.  

One key takeaway from the report is the finding that investment in more frequent and reliable bus services enjoys high support from bus users when set against other options.  

CPT is holding roundtable discussions with a wide range of key stakeholders before further developing its own policy position on fares, alongside its wider work to drive forward the key asks set out in CPT's Bus Manifesto for the next government, Driving Britain Forward.  

The report was published on March 14th 2024.

Read CPT's media release.

Read the report: Alternatives to the national fare cap – how can the next government make bus travel more affordable for more people

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