August 20 2020

Kelly Jago is a bus driver for trentbarton who has been nominated as a finalist for The Customer/Passenger Award at the 2020 Amazon Everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards. Kelly has written for CPT about what it is like to be a bus driver during Covid-19, with some tips for safe travel. 

I've been a bus driver at trentbarton for almost 5 years and I absolutely love my job and what I do on a daily basis. I've learnt a number of routes since joining and love getting to see all the customers I've met over the past 5 years and having a natter. I'm very much a people person and love helping when I can and in this job I get to do just that. 

Being a bus driver during COVID-19 has been extremely strange, but trentbarton have taken all the necessary safety precautions to help keep both staff and customers as safe as possible during this difficult time. All our buses have been fitted with driver protection screens and all staff have been given PPE, from antibacterial wipes and hand gel, to gloves and face coverings. These are always available for when we need to top up. 

The majority of our customers are lovely and are following the guidelines to keep themselves and others as safe as possible. However, if there was any advice I could give, it would be for them to try and carry some hand sanitizer with them to use before and after their journey. Alternatively, use the one that has been provided and installed on the bus. Additionally, try to keep your distance where possible and maybe sit next to the window to give space up and down the aisle of the bus. I’d also recommend paying by contactless or mango when possible, and if not try to have the right change to minimise the amount of contact needed with the driver.

I’m delighted to have been nominated as a finalist for The Customer/ Passenger Award at the 2020 Amazon Everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards. With some many amazing women working in the transport and logistics industry I feel honoured to have been selected.


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