November 23 2022

In September 2022, ZECT commenced phase two of their work which looks to identify potential solutions, collaborations and to make recommendations that will enable the sector to decarbonise. The taskforce has met multiple times over the last several months to discuss how we can overcome the challenges relating to vehicles, infrastructure and will shortly be discussing what financial support is needed to enable operators to invest in new zero emission technologies.  

The taskforce needs your help to ensure that this next phase of work is supported with robust, accurate industry data to help us answer ‘ What do the zero emission coaches of the future need to deliver?’. 

CPT, in collaboration with the DfT, developed a survey which aims to; 

  • Provide a specification for a zero emission coach
  • Collate robust coach data to help in our messaging and discussions with government 
  • To provide an insight into the industry so that government ministers can better understand the sector and can make recommendations for future supportive measures 

The survey will ask questions about your business, vehicle fleet, the services you operate and zero emission vehicles. All data provided will be kept confidential and presented in a way that protects the identity of the operator. 

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey with as much detail as you are able to provide, it is vital that we get as much accurate data as possible to ensure the voice of the coach industry is heard and represented in our discussions with government Ministers. 

The survey can be accessed here 

The deadline for responses has been extended to the 15 December 2022 

If you have any questions relating to the survey or the work of the Zero Emissions Coach Taskforce, please don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca Kite