August 11 2022

The Scottish Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce has published its pathway to a zero-carbon bus sector. A true collaboration between operators, manufacturers, energy sector, finance & government agencies. Great example of co-designing.

Paul White, CPT Scotland Director, said: 

"CPT played a key role to act as a channel by which our wider membership can feed their (sometimes differing) views into the thinking of the group.

As well as communicating the views of our members externally, we had a role in facilitating discussion between members. In the form of providing channels for supplier members to inform operators of products or developments and through the creation of forums such as our Engineering Committees.

Our role through the duration of the Taskforce has on occasion been to highlight difficulties, pointing out obstacles without always being able to suggest a solution. However, we all needed to be clear of the issues and it’s better to be aware of obstacles than commit ourselves to a pathway that is blindly optimistic.

Throughout, our aim has been to inform and collaborate and that will remain the case as the path to decarbonisation progresses.
As we move forward, we will continue to be that bridge between the wider bus industry and government and assist in any way possible the work to decarbonise our transport network.”

Read the pathway and related case studies here.