February 29 2024

Our industry report on Summer 2023 costs is now available. This highlights that industry inflation remained high between June 2022 and June 2023 but levels of increase were down from the peak between February 2022 and February 2023.  Overall gross costs per hour across Great Britain outside London increased by 10.2% based on the data received.  Hopefully, the industry can use this data in discussions & negotiations regarding funding, service levels and inflationary increases on contract prices.

The full report – available to members who contributed data and the CPT team for use in our lobbying work – contains a wealth of information about industry costs. There are 45 pages of analysis, although it is set out in sections and much of the data is presented in tables and charts to make it easily digestible. Data was contributed by operators with a peak vehicle requirement of over 16,000 so it is highly representative. The report breaks down industry costs, examines operating costs per hour & kilometre, and analyses movements over time. It also presents a range of KPIs covering service provision, fleet utilisation, fuel consumption, and staff productivity.

Those who contributed 2023 data will be receiving a copy of the full report. We shall be opening up the database for February 2024 data shortly and if you would like to contribute and get access to these reports, please contact operations@cpt-uk.org.

A shorter report is available to all members, as well as local authorities and other stakeholders; this is available here.  This looks at cost movements over time and will be useful in helping local authorities and others to identify appropriate increases in payments to operators.

We have a system in place for coach operators to contribute to a separate database. If you are a coach operator and interested in getting involved, please contact operations@cpt-uk.org