January 22 2024

As part of our comprehensive representation of the coach sector, CPT is an active member of the Tourism Alliance which is a collective body that encompasses key trade organisations right across UK in respect of travel and tourism. CPT’s Coaching Manager Phil Smith sits on the Tourism Alliance’s board of directors recently joined other members of the TA at a meeting at Westminster to highlight important issues currently affecting travel & tourism to Labour’s Tourism Spokesperson Barbara Keeley MP.

During the session Phil was given the opportunity to mention several key areas of concern to coach operators to Ms Keeley and also to highlight the sustainable aspects of coach travel as well as its importance towards ensuring that people in key demographics such as school students and older people can travel over long distances in a safe and efficient way.

Phil talked about the upcoming challenges that coaches will face when crossing international borders when the new EU Entry/Exit system (EES) comes into force towards the end of 2024 and the delays which will ensue if there is insufficient infrastructure in place at Dover & Eurotunnel. Phil also discussed the inflexible nature in relation to some of the cabotage rules that have applied since the UK left the EU.

Phil also highlighted that crew allocation will be more complex when presence within the EU is monitored electronically by EES.


Tweet from the Shadow Minister: