September 16 2012

A new report, commissioned by Greener Journeys, examines how the bus industry can contribute to meeting the Government’s targets for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, particularly in the medium term up to 2020.

The report was researched and prepared by David Simmonds Consultancy.

It shows the best-used bus services in the major urban centres may well be reducing carbon emissions by 75% or more, if the emissions from bus operations are compared with the emissions which the bus passengers would generate by using cars if the bus services were not available.

The report finds that buses can play a useful role in helping to achieve the Government’s targets for reductions in carbon emissions – in addition to the role of the bus in supporting the working of the economy and its social role in providing transport for many people who would otherwise be seriously deprived by a lack of independent mobility.

View the full report here