January 04 2021

There is no automatic right to undertake international journeys by Bus, Coach or Minibus and therefore the journey will either need to be liberalised under an international agreement or be given a prior authorisation.

For UK based operators journeys are liberalised under the Interbus agreement.

Interbus allows for International PSV operations by holders of a Standard International Operator licence.

There is no authorisation under the agreement for own account or private journeys by anyone who does not hold an operator licence.

All agreements for International PSV operations require that a Control Document (Journey Form) is carried on the vehicle, confirming its status and accurately detailing the journey being undertaken and the number of passengers carried

The authorisation requires that the Journey Form is completed in full before the vehicle departs its country of origin.

There are three types of Waybill used by UK operators:

  • Interbus (for journeys to the EU or other participant to the Interbus agreement)
  • Transit (for transit journeys through UK or EU to access a non Interbus participating member or for cabotage operations on the island of Ireland)
  • ASOR (for journeys outside of the EU or Interbus participating countries)

The Waybill must be completed legibly in indelible block letters in duplicate BEFORE the start of the journey.

The Waybill must detail all movements undertaken both with passengers and empty legs associated with the international journey.

The top copy of the fully completed Waybill must be carried on the vehicle at all times. The duplicate copy should be left in the book and retained at the carriers operating base for the period of validity.

It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the Waybill is complete and correct.

Any unforeseen changes that may occur after the commencement of the journey must be recorded on the waybill by the driver(s) in the appropriate section.

How to obtain a Waybill

In the UK Journey Forms (Waybills) are obtained from the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK who act as the agent for the Department for Transport.

Waybills can be purchased via the CPT Shop 

CPT maintains a record of all Journey Forms issued and reports this to the Department for Transport and therefore each Waybill is traceable.

Each book has an identification number and Waybills once issued to an individual operator are not transferable.

Waybills come in books of 25 duplicates numbered 1 to 25 consecutively.

Books cost £19.20 inclusive of VAT and postage.  

Please note - Waybill orders can take up to five working days so we recommend ordering no later than one full week prior to travel. Whilst CPT endeavours to fulfil orders as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee delivery times.