June 13 2024

Responding to the Labour Party manifesto, Graham Vidler, CEO at the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) says,  

“We welcome Labour’s manifesto commitment to a long-term transport strategy and - as set out in CPT’s own manifesto, Driving Britain Forward - this commitment must be matched with a five-year long-term spending programme, as happens for rail. Nothing less will ensure local authorities and operators can maximise investment in buses, drive a swift and smooth transition to a zero emissions fleet, and deliver what passengers want: more bus services going to more places that are also more reliable and quicker.  

“In the short term, the industry needs urgent clarity on the future of the English £2 fare cap which ends on 31 December 2024. It is disappointing that the Labour manifesto is silent on this because passengers could continue to benefit from industry and government working together to keep fares low, particularly if investment is targeted on key passenger groups, such as under 22-year-olds.” 

CPT welcomes Labour’s pledge to fund ten-year budgets for R&D institutions. It also looks forward to working with local transport and planning authorities to ensure space for bus and coach is given clear priority in local growth plans and road network renewal – to curb congestion and to help promote these popular public transport options as attractive and sustainable travel choices.  



Note for Editors 

CPT’s manifestos for bus Driving Britain Forward and for coach Access All Areas were published in January 2024.  

Amongst other things, Driving Britain Forward calls for measures to keep fares low when the current national fares cap ends in December. Earlier this year CPT also commissioned research to inform discussion about options for maintaining low fares over the long term. Alternatives to the national fare cap – how can the next government make bus travel more affordable for more people presents the findings of that study which examined the pros and cons of various forms of support including a continued fare cap.