June 11 2024

Responding to the Conservative Party manifesto Graham Vidler, CEO at the Confederation of Passenger Transport said today,

“It is good to see the Conservative Party recognising the importance of buses by committing to continue fully funded support for bus fares, if they win the next Election.

“But while they reaffirm a commitment to support bus services across the north and midlands - with funding reallocated from HS2 - today’s manifesto announcement is a missed opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to grow services across the entire country.

“Every day, millions of people require frequent, fast, reliable buses to get to work, school, and access essential services. Communities in the South are at risk of being left behind without matched investment. This should not be a postcode lottery.”



Notes for editors

CPT’s manifesto for bus Driving Britain Forward was published in January 2024. This sets out six key priorities  including a call  for measures to keep fares low when the current national fares cap ends in December.

Earlier this year CPT also commissioned research to inform discussion about options for maintaining low fares over the long term. Alternatives to the national fare cap – how can the next government make bus travel more affordable for more peoplpresents the findings of that study which examined the pros and cons of various forms of support including a continued fare cap.

CPT’s manifesto also calls for a commitment from the next government to deliver a five-year spending plan for buses (as happens in rail) since - regardless of the regulatory model - without a stronger focus on sustained investment it won’t be possible to meet bus passenger priorities (more services going to more places that are also more reliable and more swift).