August 20 2020

To the editor

The decision by Carlyle to tell its employees to avoid public transport (Financial Times: Carlyle staff told to avoid public transport on London office return, 18 August) is not based on facts and fails to reflect the realities of travelling on public transport.

Extensive research has shown that the transmission of Covid-19 on public transport is very low, with the latest GB rail study showing a risk of around 1 in 20,000. Measures that are in place, such as the mandatory use of face coverings, have helped provide greater reassurance to passengers that it is safe to travel.

Public transport operators are working hard to ensure that buses and trains remain safe for passengers to use through enhanced cleaning, ensuring ventilation on services and having sufficient services on road and rail networks to meet demand. This hard work is making a difference, with recent research by Transport Focus showing that around 80% of passengers feel safe on their journeys.

Buses and trains provide a vital means of transport for many people and unfounded advice from employers is misleading and risks harming the economy.


Yours sincerely


Paul Plummer, CEO, Rail Delivery Group

Graham Vidler, CEO, Confederation of Passenger Transport UK