Let’s get back on the bus: your next journey starts with a stop!

It Starts with a Stop

Scotland’s bus and coach services can easily connect you with friends, family, and great times, whether you’re meeting friends for an evening out, heading to your local swimming pool or having a family day out. Even better, they’re a great and hassle-free way to travel. Find out how you can save money, reduce stress, and cut your carbon emissions.

Wherever you’re going, your next journey should start with a stop.

Why choose the bus?

  • It’s greener – more people on buses and coaches means less cars on the road, which reduces damaging carbon emissions and improves air quality. Think about times you can use a bus or a coach instead of taking the car and help Scotland to meet its net zero goals.
  • It could save you money - If you’re under 22, over 60, or have a disability you can travel for free. For others,  different types of tickets are available to suit how often you travel and save you money.
  • It's more convenient - taking the bus instead of driving means you can relax and don’t have to worry about stopping for petrol, dealing with congestion, or finding somewhere to park.  You don’t need to pay for a taxi either!

It Starts with a Stop

New to bus? Coming back for the first time in a while? Our top tips for a smooth journey


Traveline Scotland will help you plan a journey by bus or coach and give you information about tickets and links to bus operator websites.

    • Many bus operators have their own apps and websites you can use as well.
    • You can also plan a journey using timetables which are available online, at bus stations and at bus stops.

If you are under 22, over 60 or have a disability you are entitled to free bus travel in Scotland. You can find detail at the Transport Scotland Website. 

    • Taking a few minutes to plan your journey in advance means you can pick the right ticket for you.
    • You might want to buy a ticket online, on an app or at the bus station in advance of your journey -especially if it’s for a longer journey.
    • You can also buy tickets on board – check in advance as to how you can pay for tickets, as for example some buses might not be able to give change in cash.

Some bus stops have electronic displays showing when the next bus will arrive, and many operators have apps where you can track arrivals and services in real time.

  • When you see the bus, signal to the driver than you wish to board and have your ticket, bus pass or payment ready.
  • Let any passengers who are leaving the bus get off before you board and tell the driver where you are travelling to.
  • When you want to get off, there is usually a bell you can press to let the driver know

  • Sit back, relax, chat with friends or scroll on your phone.
  • You don’t need to drive, find parking, pay for fuel or follow a sat-nav. The driver’s got it for you!
  • And you’re cutting your carbon emissions too. It’s win-win.


It Starts with a Stop

What bus can do for you

Visit your bus operator’s website and find out what routes, services and tickets are available in your area.

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Want to know more? Hear from some of our passengers.

Margaret, Jack (60) and their grandson Lockie (6)

"We take care of our grandchildren in evenings and over the summer holidays and use our bus passes regularly. Mostly that means along the road to soft play or the shops, but sometimes we take day trips further afield. Travelling by bus is fun for the kids and it’s allowing us to build precious memories with our beautiful grandchildren."

Need something a bit different?

In many communities across Scotland, bus operators, local charities and community groups provide on-demand Community Transport services

Bus services come in all shapes and sizes. In many communities across Scotland, bus operators, local charities and community groups provide on-demand Community Transport services. Many of these services provide accessible transport for older and disabled people.

You can use the Community Transport Association’s map to find services in your local area.

If you live in the Berwickshire area, you can use Pingo! Pingo is an on-demand bus service operated by Borders Buses which allows customers to book a shared journey not service by bus at that particular time. It’s perfect for joining up journeys, integrating with the existing transport network and providing bus travel where a service doesn’t already exist. Booking is available via the Ride Pingo app or by telephone on 01289 385 506.

How can I tell people about the Choose the Bus campaign?

We’d love you to help us spread the word about the campaign. You can download a selection of materials from our stakeholder toolkit including social media graphics in a range of sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Choose the Bus

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