September 29 2021

This week’s blog post is written by coach driver Chris Bibby, who shares how his experiences of places with coach friendly policies can enrich the coach travel experience.

Bibby’s of Ingleton undertakes up to 200 Coach Holidays in a calendar year consisting of UK and European destinations. We include a number of tours into Ireland and some regular events which feature in our brochure include Edinburgh Tattoo, Braemar Highland Gathering and Hampton Court Flower Show to name a few. We also have a number of Short Breaks and up to 100 Day Excursions.

Coach Holidays offer people a chance to see different places and enjoy a ‘no hassle’ break, they attract people who don’t always wish to drive and others who enjoy the social interaction whether for a day or a holiday, and it is a great way to meet new people!

Visiting destinations which have coach friendly facilities means a richer experience for the passenger. Receiving a welcome is always nice particularly as a whole group. Leaflets and information for passengers coupled with designated coach drop off areas and parking are always well received and will undoubtedly increase return visits to these destinations.

Just out of lockdown, a number of attractions went out of their way to ensure our visits could go ahead, whilst making it safe for the group and they managed that all important warm welcome! These included Dumfries House, Leighton Hall, Herriot Museum and KWVR Railway.

Increasing traffic levels may make more people hesitant to drive and this should make travel by Coach a popular option. Low emission coaches take large numbers of cars off the road, which means it is important for us to continue the promotion of coach travel as a green transport option.

Recently we took CPT President Jane Cole and CPT Regional Manager Andrew McGuinness on a coach tour, which was a great way to see how places with coach friendly facilities make a coach trip that much better.

Going forwards I would urge other places across the UK to introduce facilities that welcome coaches and coach passengers. It makes a huge difference to the quality of everyone’s trip, so everyone has an enjoyable time!