September 09 2021

This week’s blog post is by Bus Users UK Chief Executive Claire Walters. Claire writes about the benefits of coach travel compared to other modes of transport, and why we should have more travelling by coach.

We all look forward to going on holiday but the reality often falls way short of our expectations. Traffic jams, delayed departures, missed connections, forgotten tickets, poor toilets, a lack of information or trained staff, passport and customs checks (not to mention desperate attempts to remove items and liquids from hand luggage) - and all that before the holiday has even started.

Why put yourself through it when there’s an easier way: the coach.

Whatever you think of coach holidays, think again because unlike a lot of other travel options, coaches have definitely moved with the times. As one of the cleanest forms of transport, there’s no need for any guilt over your carbon-footprint and with each coach able to carry around 50 passengers, it reduces congestion rather than contributes to it.

It’s usually also cheaper than most other holidays, with no unexpected ‘extras’ or last minute price hikes. The overall cost tends to be fixed and operators can negotiate great rates for excursions and admissions which are often included in the price. The majority of coach package holidays are also financially protected.

Unlike plane and ferry holidays, you can pick up a coach reasonably close to home and throughout your trip, drop-off and pick-up points are always safe and close to the place you’re visiting, with most venues offering easy access to coaches.

The vehicles themselves are also accessible, with many now PSVAR compliant, and they’re incredibly high spec. Most offer ample leg room, toilets, Wi-Fi, charging points, on-board entertainment, generous luggage allowances, climate control, folding tables, drinks facilities, seat reservation and in some cases, the option of extra leg room. Oh, and wherever you sit you’re guaranteed a great view.

Your driver is always on-hand and knowledgeable, so you don’t have to worry about routes, timings, bookings, navigating your way round a strange city or country, organising excursions or finding somewhere to stay or eat. There are now a dizzying range of destinations and itineraries to choose from and while there may be more paperwork with overseas travel, it offers all the same convenience and benefits.

So if you’re looking for a safe, relaxing, guilt-free holiday that offers great value-for-money, delivers on its promises and doesn’t leave you feeling like you need another holiday, then sit back and enjoy the ride on board a coach.