April 21 2023

My name is Paul Mattinson, I am a Coach Tour Driver for Alfa Travel, part of the Alfa Leisureplex Group.

I pride myself on giving great customer service experience for my passengers.

I really love my job and I work hard to provide a memorable holiday for all the passengers who travel with me by working with my colleagues from the moment I meet my passengers at our very efficient coach interchanges and then throughout their experience, whether that is on the coach, on trips to places of interest or at the Hotel.

Alfa is owned by its employees, so we all share in the success that we deliver to the business and this principle I think works well for our passengers because everyone in our organisation is focused on creating the best possible holiday that we can for them.   

Safety is my number one priority, and this runs through everything I do in my work, whether that is in my delivery of basic driving skills making sure I adhere to all the rules of the road from the way I manoeuvre the coach right through to ensuring my passengers board and alight safely providing them with assistance should they need it.

I also run a keen eye around the presentation of the coach, so I make sure that it is always clean both internally & externally, this contributes greatly to my passenger’s enjoyment because it means they can still see out of the windows even when the weather hasn’t been great and also, it’s always nice to sit in pleasant surroundings.  

Being a coach driver means the United Kingdom’s fantastic scenery & visitor experiences effectively become my very own workplace and the knowledge I have acquired over the years means that my passengers benefit massively from this adding much value to their holiday! I love visiting all these places, there is always something different to see each time I return, and I enjoy talking to my passengers at the end of each day to listen to their views on the places we have visited and what worked for them (or didn’t) at the venues we have been to.     

I am passionate about what I do and enjoy meeting both new passengers and seeing others whom I have taken on previous tours also. It is really rewarding to help my passengers to enjoy a really good holiday.

If you love meeting people, giving great customer service, travel and driving, then coach driving is a career option you could really enjoy.