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Britain’s bus operators warn that tens of thousands of jobs could go within weeks unless the government agrees an immediate £1 billion rescue package

March 26 2020

Ministers are being urged to get behind the industry now or risk the decimation of a national bus network that is getting critical sector employees to work during the current crisis and is central to communities and regional economies all year round.

Department for Transport confirms financial support for bus and coach industry

March 26 2020

Yesterday evening CPT’s Graham Vidler received a letter from Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, outlining steps the Government will take to support the bus and coach industry during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bus and coach operators call on government to support industry and keep key workers moving

March 25 2020

Ahead of the Chancellor’s announcement of further support for businesses affected by the Covid-19 outbreak bus and coach operators have called on the Government to provide emergency support to ensure networks continue to function and that that those who need to make essential journeys, like health service and emergency workers, can continue to do so.

CPT reacts to school closures

March 25 2020

Confederation of Passenger Transport Chief Executive Graham Vidler reacts to the decision to close schools across the UK during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bus industry announces principles for playing its part in tackling covid-19

March 25 2020

The bus industry is doing all it can to support the health and wellbeing of its customers, colleagues and the general public at this time of crisis.  We are playing our part in communicating the Government's public health advice to avoid unessential travel.

Emergency support for the Scottish bus industry

March 25 2020

The Scottish Government will provide bus operators with additional financial assistance to maintain essential services. This is intended to offset the impact that reduced demand is having on the viability of local services for key workers and to protect the industry for the future.

CPT recap – the Budget 2020

March 17 2020

CPT’s external relations executive Hannah Patmore outlines the key points for the bus and coach industry announced in last week’s Budget 2020.

CPT reacts – publication of the Welsh Government’s bus services bill

March 16 2020

CLA Cymru Director John Pockett reacts to the publication of the Welsh Government’s Bus Services Bill.

CPT reacts to the budget 2020: an elected mayor for West Yorkshire combined authority

March 16 2020

Following the announcement in the Budget 2020 that West Yorkshire Combined Authority will be getting an elected mayor, CPT’s Northern & Yorkshire regional manager Andrew McGuinness calls for the positive relationships between local leaders and the bus industry to continue.