Roll of Honour: CPT Accreditation holders

Published: 16-11-2016

Here is a list of those who currently hold CPT's professionally-recognised Engineering Manager, Workshop, Bus Operations Manager and Coach Manager Accreditations:

Engineering Manager

Craig Boiling  
Mike de Courcey Travel (valid until 04/11/2018) 

Ian Scott  
Stanley Travel (valid until 04/11/2018) 

Rick Weller  
Go-Ahead London (valid until 05/11/2018)

Nigel Daniels  
Ipswich Buses (valid until 18/12/2018) 

Robin Garrard  
Go-Ahead London (valid until 06/01/2019)

Steve Spiller  
Centurion Travel (valid until 02/02/2019)

Peter Mabbott  
Epsom Coaches (valid until 14/04/2019) 

Ian Thompson

Epsom Coaches (valid until 29/07/2019)

Alan Hewitt, James McLellan, Mark Hill, Marc Wilson, Robert Larkins, Grant Pirie Bert Smith and Chris Lidle. McGill’s Buses (valid until 01/11/2019)

Tim Parker, John Parker and Thomas Flaherty. National Express, West Midlands Travel (valid until 21/11/2019)

Andy Goldsmith
Bournemouth Transport Ltd
(valid until 01/11/2020) 

Workshop Accreditation

Ipswich Buses 
Constantine Road (valid until 16/12/2020)  

Golden Boy                       
Geddings Road (valid until 27/01/2018)

H V Richmond Ltd
Barley, Royston (valid until 19/07/18)

Lucketts Travel
Broadcut, Fareham (valid until 31/08/2018)

Bournemouth Transport
Yeomans Way, Bournemouth (valid until 01/11/2019)

Bus Operations Manager

Sharon Bailey
trentbarton (valid until 29/09/2019)

Gareth Stanton
Epsom Coaches (valid until 22/05/2020)

Coach Manager

Scott Morley
Buzzlines (valid until 14/12/2019)

Peter Minnette
Epsom Coaches (valid until 22/05/2020)

Lee Coleman
Epsom Coaches (valid until 22/05/2020)

For further information on CPT Accreditations, please call 020 7240 3131 or email

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