Why BCH?

Published: 31-07-2014

Bonded Coach Holidays is a passenger protection scheme specifically set up for members of CPT, it is for coach based holidays.

Only coach operators holding an O licence and who are CPT members may join. The benefits of membership include:

 - Customer confidence and credibility.

 - Reduced administration compared to other options such as, IPC, trust accounts or membership of other bodies such as BUPA.

 - Inexpensive when compared to the alternatives.

 - Commercial benefits, particularly with cash flow.

 - Membership benefits such as, a travel and tourism legal helpline, a trading charter to include in your brochures that has been drawn up by solicitors and approved by Trading Standards.  

The other options available to achieve compliance with the Package travel regulations all have drawbacks:

 - Trust account – ties up customer’s money until the tour has been completed, does not provide for repatriation of passengers and involves considerable admin in transferring money between accounts.

 - IPC – individual insurance certificates are issued to each passenger, considerable admin, monthly reporting of ban position and customer numbers to the insurance company, expensive.

 - ABTA – expensive, set up for the benefit of travel agents and tour operators like Thomas Cooke, do understand the balance sheets of coach operators which have assets unlike the travel agents hence bond levels are higher and monitoring regime more invasive.

For further information go to http://www.bch-uk.org

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