CoachMarque Members' Standards

Published: 24-04-2014

All CoachMarque members must comply with and maintain the following standards:-

 - The Company will have an appointed person within the organisation to be responsible for all the health and safety issues

 - It will have a comprehensive health and safety policy available for inspection

 - It will have a policy of informing customers of the on-board safety procedures before departure

 - Drivers licences are checked on a regular basis to ensure that drivers have a current valid licence for the type of vehicle they are likely to drive

 - An approved and documented training policy is in place

 - All drivers will have a copy of a handbook containing relevant information required to carry out their duties professionally and in line with Company policy

 - The Company fully complies with all the necessary insurance requirements for public liability, group vehicle cover, employers insurance and where appropriate, tour operator liability

 - Where appropriate, the Company will comply fully with current legislation concerning package travel, including safeguarding client’s money paid in advance

 - The Company will provide a 24 hour helpline to be used in cases of emergency

 - All CoachMarque accredited vehicles will be under 10 years old, comply with the latest European safety standards

 - All vehicles will be subject to a rigorous preventative maintenance programme to maximise reliability and safety

 - The Company will operate from an identifiable operating base

 - The driver will be in full uniform

 - The coach will be presented in a clean and safe condition and be fitted with seat belts

 - All vehicles will be equipped with a mobile communication system

 - In the unlikely event of a complaint, the Company operates a formal procedure to deal effectively and quickly with any client dissatisfaction

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