Is CoachMarque for you?

Published: 24-04-2014

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about the CoachMarque scheme.

What’s the purpose of the scheme
CoachMarque has been designed to provide an agreed industry benchmark of quality, giving customer’s confidence in all-round service.

Who devised the scheme?
The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) is the national trade association for buses, coaches and light rail in the UK and introduced the scheme to the coach industry in March 1998. CPT controls and administers the scheme in the UK.

How easy is it to recognise which companies are members of CoachMarque?
Every qualifying vehicle operated by a CoachMarque member will have the distinctive CoachMarque logo (as above) displayed on the rear, front nearside and front offside.   

Who has signed up to CoachMarque?
Since its launch a national network of CoachMarque operators has grown steadily. Currently over forty companies are members of the scheme. See website for current details   

Is CoachMarque available only in the UK?
A similar scheme operates successfully in the Netherlands. CPT is working at the heart of Europe to ensure that this co-operation extends across the European Community to create a pan-European standard for coach travel.   

What are the benefits to the coach industry of the CoachMarque scheme?
CoachMarque provides a standard for the aspiring companies to achieve and encourages operators to raise their standards of service and quality. A quality-driven product inspires confidence in the market, irrespective of product/service type, i.e. private charter, tours, holidays or scheduled express services.

What criteria does a company have to meet to be a member of CoachMarque?

CoachMarque operators must have:-

 - High standards of customer service 
 - A commitment to focus on high levels of safety and comfort.
 - A structured approach to staff training across the organisation
 - Full compliance with financial protection legislation 
 - Participating coaches not more than 10 years old 
 - An efficient complaints procedure
 - Financial security  

Once a company has achieved CoachMarque status, is it a member for evermore?
In order to stay a member of CoachMarque, operators must pass strict ongoing quality and passenger comfort checks and pay the necessary membership fees.  
How can an operator get the most out of CoachMarque?
By helping to promote it to the customer and pointing out how you, as a CoachMarque operator can use it as a promotional tool. By incorporating it in your own publicity and documentation at every opportunity. By utilising the additional CoachMarque materials which can be supplied to assist in these aims. 

If an operator meets the criteria now, how unlikely is it that this criteria will be changed in the future and what effect does that have on membership?
The criteria needs to reflect current legislation and the ever-increasing demands from the customer. Members are kept abreast of proposed changes and every effort will be made to allow existing members time to conform when changes are introduced. New members have to be compliant with current criteria at the time of application.
For further information or a membership application pack please contact:- 
Alf Scrimgour   
Tourism Executive 
020 7240 3131 
Alternatively you can download it from

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