On the Move 2007 - New Passengers, New Opportunities

Published: 07-02-2008

A report launched on today by the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, reveals that a boom in bus use is helping to lift doom on the high street with almost a billion bus journeys last year used for shopping.

Smart shoppers are getting back on board the bus in response to increasing congestion, rising parking costs and soaring fuel prices, leaving themselves more cash to splash in the shops. 

Released just days after the first reading of the Government’s Transport Bill in the House of Commons, On the Move – New Opportunities, New Passengers also highlights a significant year on year increase in bus travel of three per cent to 4.72 billion. 

The ‘bus bible’ showcases the successful partnerships between local authorities and operators up and down the country that are enticing people back onto the bus. Significantly, On the Move also heralds the bus as a sustainable form of public transport.

Bus operators are continuing to invest in younger models and trialling new low carbon fuels to make their fleets greener.  

On the Move facts: 

• Shopping mad: More people use the bus to go shopping that anything else, including going to work or to school 

• It’s better by bus: 167,000 people work in the bus industry, that’s more than on our railways and airlines combined 

• Belt up: Once again the bus is the safest form passenger transport on our roads 

• All aboard: More of our fleets are now low-floor access vehicles than standard access 

• Kings of the road: 48 billion kilometres of bus journeys were travelled last year –saving 8.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions if the journeys were taken by car instead (figures from transportdirect.info) 

Launching On the Move in Leeds, Rosie Winterton, Minister of State for Transport, said: “Buses are a vital part of our local transport system. Two thirds of public transport journeys are made by bus, connecting people to essential services, to jobs, to leisure, to friends and family.

"On The Move is a true representation of the merits of our bus system in the UK and is testament to what can be achieved through vision, partnership and creativity.”   

Simon Posner, Chief Executive, Confederation of Passenger Transport, said: “For the second year in a row bus use is on the rise. On The Move illustrates the great strides made in many parts of the country to provide passengers with the high quality bus services they deserve.

"It is no coincidence that where strong partnerships exist between operators, local authorities and other stakeholders, the results are the most rewarding. 

"Voluntary and statutory bus partnerships have shown it is possible to ensure that ‘putting passengers first’ is not just a contrived ideal, but a benchmark the public transport sector is committed to working towards.”  

View and download On the Move 2007 by clicking on the attachment below.

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