Britain's Coaches: Delivering Properity to You

Published: 26-10-2010

This report highlights that coach tourism is worth approx £2.35 billion to Britain’s economy and could be worth even more with investment in better facilities by local government.

The report Britain’s Coaches: Delivering Prosperity to You, showcases best practice for national and local government, urban planning institutions, tourism organisations, and businesses across Britain. 

It highlights the benefits and the potential the coach and its passengers bring to England, Wales and Scotland by showing how destinations, region by region, can reap the economic and environmental rewards of attracting and boosting coach tourism in their area.

Simon Posner, Chief Executive of the Confederation of Passenger Transport said: “This report reinforces the enormous benefits the coach has to Britain’s economy. Not only are we major employers with almost 50,000 people - the population of Paignton working for the industry. 

"We are also delivering hard earned cash to local economies benefiting local people. Where there are good facilities, the local economy can benefit by £189 that each coach traveller is estimated to spend."

To download the report click on the link below.

Britains Coaches: Delivering Prosperity to you (pdf) 

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