Door-to-Door by Public Transport

Published: 24-06-2009

This report focuses on how the National Rail network (outside London) interacts with other public transport to achieve successful door-to-door journeys, where train travel provides the primary journey.

It highlights lots of examples of integration good practice and makes suggestions for improvements. The aim is to work towards a position where the attributes of these initiatives become the universal norm.  

Across Britain, both locally, regionally and nationally there is already a considerable amount of very good integration taking place between National Rail services and local bus/tram services and regional coach routes. Examples of integrated information, enhanced infrastructure to facilitate easy interchange between modes and integrated multi-modal ticketing are now more widespread than ever before. 

It is acknowledged that Network Rail, local authorities, PTE’s and TfL have all already contributed a considerable amount to the development and improvement of public transport integration, especially in the provision of interchange facilities, information services and multi-modal ticketing initiatives. This work continues to be of considerable benefit to both operators and passengers.

Door-to-Door by Public Transport can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the attachments below.

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