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CPT has teamed up with commercial partner DKV to provide members with advice and solutions on day to day issues such as fuel bills, toll charges and VAT/Excise Duty recovery.  

For over 80 years, DKV Euro Service is the market leader providing cash-free service en route to the transport business on the UK and European motorways and traffic roads. 

Cost effective and secure fuelling both in the UK and overseas
DKV Euro Service offers you the largest supply network in the industry, with more than 60,000 acceptance points in 42 European countries. In the UK alone you have a choice of over 1,800 brand independent acceptance points.   

DKV – your service partner
However, with DKV Euro Service as your service partner, you save more than just fuel. With DKV you can avail of an extensive service package, that includes, amongst others: Toll, VAT Refund, Online Services, 24/7 emergency services and much more. 

For further information download the brochure below, or contact CPT's Membership Team on telephone 020 7240 3131, or by email 

Visit the DKV Website at