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CPT has launched an improved service for members providing legal compliance advice and emergency 24/7 cover. The new service, provided by transport solicitors Backhouse Jones, can be used by CPT Members free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

The benefits of the new service include:   

  • 30 minutes free legal advice on each individual case (increased from 15 minutes)   
  • 24/7 emergency cover (previous helpline office hours only)
  • 10% CPT Member discount on all subsequent work
  • Single specialist provider, Backhouse Jones solicitors

In addition to improving the existing helpline, CPT Members can now take legal compliance to a new level. CPT has exclusively secured complete legal protection from 0.26p per vehicle per day through Backhouse Bones’ BACKUP scheme.    

BACKUP is an all inclusive legal service aimed at the bus and coach industry, covering advice and representation in courts, tribunals and public inquiries and available for a fixed annual fee with CPT Members benefiting from an exclusive 20% discount.    

For further information download the brochure below or contact CPT's Membership team on 020 7240 3131, or by email

Brodies LLP provide legal advice and support for CPT Members in Scotland. Read more below.